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Stevia Sweetened Protein Bars

This is another hot topic when it comes to sweeteners and the health concerns/benefits versus sugars and so on. Stevia is a very commonly used sweetener and has been adopted hugely in the sports supplements market. One of the most noted use is in protein based bars and other sports fuel bars alongside many other sports supplements too. Due to the title being about stevia sweetened protein bars, I’ve taken a closer look at probably the most well-known and popular protein bar out, called Quest bars.

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Pre-Workout Supplements – Best of 2016

Read to find out exactly why we are talking about pre-workout supplements on a plant based blog. In summary, this is due to many of the pre-workout supplements on the market today containing ingredients derived from plants. Pretty interesting stuff as it shows some of the most potent plant based ingredients that we know of. One of the first supplements we reviewed was iForce Conquer which we’ve got mixed views on. Another is the evolved pre-workout from Cobra Labs Shadow X pre workout.

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Protein Supplements

Find out everything you need to know about protein supplements and what they do to the body. Included are some of our top picks such as USN Pure Protein, which has been a top rated supplements for many years now. Aside from USN’s protein supplement, another top contender is PhD Whey, as recommended by Supplements2u. This has been growing in popularity in the UK and is now considered one of the best in the UK. They have also taken a sizeable chunk of the market in Europe and are even expanding further afield too.

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